KISS OF BLISS - Kripa and 3rd Ear Experience is Amritakripa’s 3rd venture into the world of African psychedelia fused with Kirtan, which is Kripa’s home ground. Immediately from the first song you hear the kwela style guitar that originates in Rob’s homeland South Africa. In Shambo we hear the north African guitar style, by way of Ali farke Toure, and the chant reminiscent of the African women’s choir of southern Africa. Kripas vocal orchestrations ranges from a unique blend of African/Indian nuances to colorings of Bulgarian choir soaring over Fela Kuti-like bass lines laying down the foundation of a deep trance.

Says Kripa “for years now I have felt the inner tug to dance my prayers, and to express my devotion through my body and so become one whole devotional experience that reaches beyond words.”

With the KISS OF BLISS album Amritakripa once again pushes the envelope of kirtan and devotional music. The last song on the album called I AM, one could hardly call it a song, rather an atmosphere of musical prayer. I AM is a lengthy piece especially suited for yoga classes. The chant based on the Divine name ‘I am that I am” is a blend of ambience, African groove and chant that sounds like it is pouring out from the Goddess of infinite space herself. This surely will get the serpent kundalini to rise.


Kiss Of Bliss

Kiss Of Bliss

Released in 2020

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01. Adi Parashakti 04:57
02. Ambe 07:55
03. Govinda 07:14
04. Shambo 04:03
05. Krishna Radhe 11:19
06. Nandana 04:44
07. Nataraja 08:11
08. Lalita 04:40
09. I Am 18:03

Dancing Lotus

Released in 2004

01. Sloka 01:58
02. Ganesh 05:17
03. Shiva 07:14
04. Shakti 08:44
05. Tirukathakal 06:02
06. Agamanta 07:24
07. Jai Ma 05:37
08. Krishna Mukti 06:37
09. Govinda 08:16
10. Lokah 14:26

Dancing Lotus
Prayer For Peace

Prayer For Peace

Released in 2001

01. Lokah 14:26

Mother's Grace

Released in 1999

01. MA 01:43
02. Remover Of Obstacles 03:53
03. Gangadhara 06:16
04. Praise Our Mother 04:46
05. Shakti 04:48
06. Creatress 03:38
07. Only God 07:03
08. Queen Of The Universe 08:44
09. Govinda 04:12
10. Enchantress 04:08
11. Lover, Beloved 02:28

Mother's Grace


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