Amritakripa has been chanting for twenty years under the guidance and inspiration of Holy Mother, Mata Amritanandamayi. She is enormously grateful to and has enjoyed chanting with such pioneer artists as Bhagavandas, Krishna Das, Wah and David Stringer. 'Moving prayer' in the form of sacred dance has been Amrita's love and practice since 1994. Her desire to combine sacred dance and bhajan opened the door for a wonderful collaboration with Robbi Robb, founder of Tribe After Tribe and lead singer of Three Fish.

During Robbi's formative musical years, he was exposed to Tibetan chanting, East Indian music and tribal African rhythms as well as the contemporary music of that time. Tribe After Tribe have been called the pioneers of Afro-acid rock, blending African dance rhythms with rock music. In 1998 Robb's studies led him to the decision to immerse himself in sacred music. Within a week of making this decision, the Holy Mother brought Robbi and Amrita together, beginning an effortless and symbiotic musical adventure.


Dancing Lotus

Released in 2004

01. Sloka 01:58
02. Ganesh 05:17
03. Shiva 07:14
04. Shakti 08:44
05. Tirukathakal 06:02
06. Agamanta 07:24
07. Jai Ma 05:37
08. Krishna Mukti 06:37
09. Govinda 08:16
10. Lokah 14:26

Dancing Lotus
Prayer For Peace

Prayer For Peace

Released in 2001

01. Lokah 14:26

Mother's Grace

Released in 1999

01. MA 01:43
02. Remover Of Obstacles 03:53
03. Gangadhara 06:16
04. Praise Our Mother 04:46
05. Shakti 04:48
06. Creatress 03:38
07. Only God 07:03
08. Queen Of The Universe 08:44
09. Govinda 04:12
10. Enchantress 04:08
11. Lover, Beloved 02:28

Mother's Grace


Live Shots

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