The monsoons hung heavy over the Mojave Desert thick with lightning and ten thousand thunders. The band entered the little studio in the highlands of Joshua Tree and started jamming; delicate guitars took us on journeys that gave way to thundering climaxes reflecting the monsoon storm that crashed down on the desert landscape. Strangely by midnight the skies had cleared and the stars rained down hard and bright – said Trent Moss our percussionist "man I'm tripping on this space – I'm never going home". The conversations wandered around the possibilities of UFO's, and aliens and perhaps how an alien visitation could bring unity to people of the earth. We journeyed on the energy of these sort of conversations till in the wee hours of dawn we looked back at earth and sadly pondered the disharmony and suffering human beings endure. The thunder, the lightning, the milky way, the desert landscapes, the rocks and Joshua Trees all pressed into our minds like a magical mist, spilling out into a week long of free form jams.

Cover design by Amritakripa and Alon Goldsmith
EPK design by André Wilms based on various Codrops examples




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Photographs by Elena Ray, Alon Goldsmith and Amritakripa


Inner View

When one looks into life and sees beyond the phantom of form then this is called 'gazing with the third eye'. When one experiences listening to the soul of things beyond and within the sounds of all things then one is listening with the third ear. It is out of this third ear experience that some of the best jams arise. It is this third ear experience that we as a group of musicians who have been friends for many years aspire to. There is no place better to achieve this than in the desert. All mystics have wandered into the deserts to find this experience. It's in the spirit of this mystical aspiration that the project is called "Third Ear Experience".



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