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Peacock Black

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In the spirit of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew recording and composing techniques, Dug Pinnick of King's X and Robbi Robb of Tribe After Tribe set up a small recording studio in an art gallery on the outskirts of the Mojave Desert. These four pieces comprising the Peacock Black album are the first fruits of three days of free form jamming.

Simply put, this album weaves its own magic spell. Each piece is a mystical, impressionistic soundscape, a kaleidoscope of atmospheres that drift and meander like incense smoke caught in candlelight.

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About the music

From the get go, it is clear that these are excellent musicians at the top of their game, rebellious and unafraid. Wasting no time, the music bursts into a dense jam, drawing the listener into a dazzling rave with no edges to hold on to. Motifs are hurled from one instrument to the next, cleaving idea to idea, exploding with life and outrageous creativity. It is free music, unfettered and uncontainable. Then off into a mysterious territory - part ambient, part rock, at times illusive, at times elegantly psychedelic with rhythms that are barely present. Integral to these jams is the musical interplay between the members, exchanging riffs, whispering melodies ear to ear, weaving themes peaceful and restless, deconstructing tonalities in favor of foreboding ambiances. These long tracks flow with a consistent spiritual quality guiding the musicians to carve unique musical forms, from the well mined quarry of space rock.

Dug Pinnick & Robbi Robb


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Produced by Eric Ryan and 3rd Ear Experience. Mixed by Eric Ryan. Mastered by Mark Fuller.


Dug Pinnick, Robbi Robb and the band are available for interviews to support your blog or review. Please contact Andre Wilms.

'Peacock Black' is available now for purchase at: CD Baby and iTunes.

Special thanks to Bobby Furst's art gallery in the Mojave desert.

Kurosh Showghi – didgeridoos
Amritakripa – synthesizers, voice
Eric Mouness – drums
Aaron Merc – saxophones
Alan Swanson – keyboards
Eric Ryan – guitar
Robbi Robb – guitar
Dug Pinnick – bass

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