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In the presence of Weapons of Mass Destruction comes the new album from renowned rockers Tribe After Tribe: MOAB, a vital and important piece of music that is truly a new testament for the troubled times of the 21st Century. Tribe after Tribe fiercely and fearlessly take on an ancient tale that, for all its inherent difficulty and divisiveness, must be subjected to the crucible of reason for critical examination before it can be rewritten with the balm of tolerance and love. In doing so, MOAB brilliantly captures both the absurdities and dangers of the diluted belief systems that have been gradually warped and twisted by all-too-human misdeeds across two millennia .. to the point where they're now on the verge of tearing our world apart.

Continuing the work they began in South Africa more than two decades ago, Tribe After Tribe fuses unique world rock elements with ringleader Robbi Robb's incisive, intelligent lyrical dreamscapes, exposing the evil forces of Apartheid and its ideological brethren .. forces that remain with us today, perhaps more so than ever before. The message in the music is not, however, a political one, but rather a simple signpost pointing to the common ground of the human heart which we all share; a place where all gunfire is, in essence, 'friendly fire'.

Take the title of the album itself, for example. MOAB serves a multitude of meanings, ranging from the deserts of Moab where Moses and the Israelites wandered for 40 years, committing their own form of genocide on the unsuspecting men, women and children whose only 'mistake' was worshipping a matriarchal, goddess-inspired culture, to Saddam Hussein's call for the Mother Of All Battles, to the American response with the Mother Of All Bombs, a 'Massive Ordnance Airblast Bomb'. Based in part upon the writings of the biblical book of Deuteronomy, the new songs are sure to delight the old-time faithful fans while also bringing new converts into the tribal fold.

Featuring the psychedelic guitar swirl and pulsating pagan rhythms that have become Tribe trademarks on such propulsive numbers as "Supreme One", "Burning Bush", "Truth and Reconciliation" and "Holy City Warrior", MOAB definitely brings enough rock to please even the most virulently head-banging of fans. But there are also quieter, more pastoral passages that recall nothing so much as the work done by Peter Gabriel on his Passion album, the soundtrack to "The Last Temptation of Christ"; in fact, album-ending track "World Drum" sounds like it could be an outtake from those stellar sessions. As the MOAB liner notes say, "If we put down the books and courageously journey inside and listen very carefully to our own hearts we will hear the beat of the universal heart, the beat of the World Drum. In the stillness of this inner space we comprehend the desire of every living thing. All of life wants the same thing: every plant, every animal, every Jew, Christian, Muslim, every being in every nation wants safety."

Or, as Robbi Robb, who has been hailed as "one of the greatest mystics ever to appear in the history of rock," remarks, "Put down the guns, put down the books, put away the pointing fingers of blame .. come away from the temples and into the fields, and there let us work together to eradicate disease and poverty from the face of the Earth. This is the 'Mother Of All Battles'."


Burg Herzberg Festival

Released in 2009

01. Bury Me 11:53
02. Out Of Control 15:33
03. Season Of The Witch 13:42
04. Build A Subway 8:37

Live At Burg Herzberg Festival 2009


Released in 2009

01. YHVH 2:20
02. Deuteronomy Excerpt I 1:46
03. Supreme One 4:41
04. Burning Bush 6:16
05. Truth & Reconciliation 4:37
06. Exodus 2000 6:37
07. Radio Arafat 1:09
08. Holy City Warrior 3:25
09. Lament 2:14
10. Chiron 5:00
11. Deuteronomy Excerpt II 3:32
12. Understanding The Water 5:58
13. Deuteronomy Excerpt III 1:23
14. Shock & Awe 4:27
15. Red Sky 4:56
16. World Drum 7:59

Enchanted Entrance

Released in 2002

01. 100 000 3:38
02. Loud And Clear 6:21
03. Island 4:12
04. War Sheik 4:47
05. Eloise 4:02
06. Merry Round Ago 5:04
07. Drowning Pieces 4:15
08. Tabla Rosa 4:44
09. Tunguska 4:39
10. Burn 4:20

Enchanted Entrance
Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine

Released in 1997

01. Boy 5:51
02. Lazarus 4:32
03. Senor 8:07
04. Fire Dancers 4:27
05. Murder On The Lee Shore 3:58
06. Ballad Of Winnie 5:44
07. Bury Me 5:13
08. Pat On The Back 5:28
09. Hopeless The Clown 6:03
10. Uh - Oh 4:53
11. I Am Your Heart 7:07

Love Under Will

Released in 1993

01. Hold On 4:49
02. Ice Below 4:03
03. The Spell 6:09
04. Dance Of The Wu Li Masters 5:27
05. I Spit 3:27
06. Nikita 3:02
07. Congo Sky 4:55
08. World Of Promise 4:06
09. Proud And Beautiful 4:06
10. Let's Go Outside 5:27
11. Delight 3:28
12. The Lovers 14:00
In The Face Of The Sun
In The Dark

Love Under Will
Tribe After Tribe

Tribe After Tribe

Released in 1991

01. Remember 4:52
02. Build A Subway 5:20
03. Sally 3:47
04. Just For A While 3:44
05. Come To See You Fall 4:09
06. The Mode 6:00
07. White Boys In The Jungle 4:15
08. Rolling Stoney 4:13
09. What Are We Now 3:53
10. Everything And More 4:55
11. Out Of Control 5:22
12. Poor Afrika 4:49


Released in 1985

01. As I Went Out One Morning 5:14
02. Cautious Ground 3:59
03. Monkey's Wedding 4:52
04. The Watch 3:11
05. Life Of A Love Song 5:12
06. Here It Comes 5:19
07. Ballad Of Anneline K. 6:55



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